Earn $0.01 each click
$0.005 from each ad your referrals click
Minimum payout is only $2
Pays by Alertpay
Ability to earn as a team

*update* Closed


Join Paid-to-Click Program

Earn $0.01 for every ad viewed (standard Free members)
Earn $0.005 from each direct referral viewed ads
Pays by paypal and alertpay, Instant Cashouts
Minimum cashout starts at a low $2.00

*Update* Don't waste your time with this site. The admin isnt responding to the many complaints going on in the forum and I requested my payout which is supposed to be instant but yet it went to pending. *Scam site*


PTCNation - Control your financial destiny!

This is a brand new paid to click.
It is available worldwide but is in English language only.

Earn up to $0.01 per click and up to $0.01 per referral click
Minimum payout is $5 pays by alertpay and paypal
Will soon begin instant payouts.

*update* This site took off on a bad foot as it had repeated problems while still in pre-launch. The admin seemed to have been on top of fixing his site up to do well, but in the end I don't know if he made this site with the intentions of turning scam or if managing a new ptc just became too much to handle. Well anyways another one bite's the dust as I have been unable to login with them for a week now I do believe this site is closed down.

Never have high hopes when joining brand new ptc's.



Free members earn $0.01 per click
$0.005 per referral click
Upgraded members earn up to $0.0125
Pays by alertpay and paypal minimum payout is $5.00
Instant payments

*Update* Well this ptc site has been buxed out alright. They just closed down the site with slow revenue earnings they say. I did like buxout so I hate to see them go but oh well it was nice while it lasted*


International paid to read emails
1 referral level 50%
Pays by Paypal or E-Gold
Cashout every 30 days no minimum
You must remain active at least once every 30 days and you also have to watch for cheat links, clicking them will get your account deleted. Amount earned varies with each email.


MatrixMails - Get paid

Get paid to click, paid to read & more. Minimum age of 18 and this site is fully international. Earn from 1-5 cents for free member read emails and payments can be requested after you have earned $2 personal clickthru or $25 total. Upgraded members can request payments at any time Gold members are also able to earn 2-10 cents per email read. Pays by Stormpay & Paypal.
They also offer some nice bonuses 1-$1 bonus for every $4 personal clickthru accumulated, 2-$0.20 bonus for every $2 personal clickthru accumulated. Also: Lifetime Gold-Silver members' personal clickthrus are doubled.
6 Referral levels: free members 20% 10% 8% 6% 4% 2%
Silver 30% 15 % 12% 9% 6% 3% Gold 40% 20% 16% 12% 8% 4%

*They will be adding Alertpay as well as Instant Payouts soon*

Financial Freedom Ads

The new revolution in PTC has arrived!

International paid to click
Minimum earning per website or advertisement viewed is $0.01
$10 minimum payout
Pays by Alertpay and paypal


Deals N Cash

Get paid up to 5 cent per email & 2 cent through referral read email ads
you must login to your internal email box to view the ads
$30 minimum to cash out, pays with paypal
$5 bonus just for signing up


1 ref level
Earn $0.01 for every ad read and 0.005 from each ad your referrals view
Instant payouts through Alertpay
$2 minimum to reach your first payout
Upgraded members earn up to $0.02 per click and referral click
Trusted paying ptc, one of the very best around in my opinion


Get paid to read and several other ways ways to earn with this new site. Pays by paypal, check, money order or gift card. Minimum withdrawal at the free level is $4, earnings vary by each ad. It's also available for many countries to sign up to. 1 ref level 15%


Get paid to read read emails & several other ways to earn money. They have a 6 level referral commission. Earn points and redeem them to use for your own advertising. Minimum payout is $10 by paypal, alertpay & E-gold, international.


WordLinx - Get Paid To Click

View 30 second ads their minimum payout is $10 by paypal and within 48 hours payment will be processed earn $0.01 per ad.

DonkeyMails No Minimum Payout

Get paid to click ad's & read emails, no minimum egold cashout and only $1.00 required for paypal cash out, they offer 5 referral levels and are International sign up. I get a good amount of emails from them daily.


Get paid to click ad's & read emails, paid to sign up and play games as well. International membership, plus they have six referral level earnings. No minimum egold cash out is gone now so you have to get paid through either alertpay or paypal and the minumum payout is only $1.00 to cash out with them.



Get paid to click ads for 60, 45, or 30 seconds pays by alert pay, money transfer or check by US postal mail with minimum cash out of $15 the more active you are the more ads will be available to you. Get paid from $0005 to $0.01 each ad & for every 30 ads you click you get a lottery ticket for a chance to win up to $5, they have a forum as well.


EasyAdBucks Banner

Cash out is at $10, earn 1/2 cent per email read. Seems small & not worth it right? Well hey it is free money being made & the more you click & the more referrals you get the more money you can earn. Get 15 cent per website you sign up under. Make money 3 levels deep. You also can earn with the paid to clicks on their website which varies by the ad's of 20 plus available daily. International and pays by alertpay, paypal or moneybookers.

Paid to Click


Get paid for viewing & clicking advertisements for 30 or 20 seconds, get paid securely through paypal minimum payout is only $5 & they have a 30% referral earnings, payments are processed within 24 hours, this is a great site to try out for free money online. I try to login with them everyday and sometimes I find a lot of ad's available to click, a good source for advertising as well.

* They are now offering contests login everyday click a link and a get a entry for $$$$ prizes *


Get paid for viewing advertisements reach the $10 minimum & receive a check by mail or convert your earnings to use to advertise your own link. You will never earn less than $0.01 from each ad with the possibility of earning up to $5 for 30 seconds of your time. You do have to login to view the ad's, under browse ads. If you login several times through out the day you will be able catch more ad's available for you to click.

You can earn with a 5 level downline, I do suggest the upgrade to premium which is $10 you can purchase this after reaching the $10 minimum of your own earnings, hopefully by then you will have built up your referrals, plus more ad's are available for premium members, so the investment along with the other perks, is a good one to me. This one has really became a favorite of mine's.